Fatigue: The Enemy of Fat Loss

Fatigue: The Enemy of Fat Loss

November 05, 2015 1 Comment

Have you ever stuck to the perfect diet and exercise routine only to find that by the end of the week you actually weighed more?


Have you ever cruised through a week of healthy eating only to find the next week a total nightmare filled with constant cravings for junk food?

Odds are you, like most people, have been a victim of excess fatigue.


So how do we get fatigued and what are the implications for weight loss?



The most common cause of fatigue is simply a lack of sleep, even a reduction of 1 hour to your usual sleep routine can slow down your metabolism, cause more energy slumps throughout your day and give you more cravings for junk food.



Fatigue can also be caused by many other factors such as overwork and over exercising.


Now, the best way to fight fatigue is with a good nights sleep, a healthy nutrition plan and proper hydration.


That being said we all have those weeks where we simply cannot stick to our usual routine and this is where we tend to suffer the most.


And it is during these weeks of stress and fatigue where you could benefit the most from some assistance.


To help with this we have put together a free email series called "The 5 Ways To Fight Fatigue" which will teach you 5 unique and powerful ways to fight fatigue and restore your energy levels.


You can check it out here ---> The 5 Ways To Fight Fatigue


Or you can simply click on the link up the very top of this page.


However, if want a way to fight fatigue fast and you don't have time to read 5 emails you can purchase the anti fatigue product ReVive instead.


You can find it here ---> Anti Fatigue Supplement ReVive


Be sure to let me know how you go in the comments and if you have any questions at all feel free to contact us via email, our contact us page or by sending a message on Facebook.


Until next time


Have a great day and live with energy


Christian Baker
CEO and Co Founder: Upside Nutrition

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November 13, 2015

Well written post, loving my revive so far. The biggest thing I notice is that I don’t have the 3pm slump anymore.

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