It Puts The R in "IRP"

October 03, 2015


Some call it an underground Russian secret used by the the most powerful politicians, military men and athletes in Eastern Europe.

Some call it "just another ginseng".

We call it: Awesome

So just what is Rhodiola?

Rhodiola is an "adaptogenic" herb found growing in the wild throughout Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and parts of Asia.

"Adaptogenic" is a title given to herbs which help the body "adapt" to stressful situations.

If you are too wired and anxious, adaptogenic herbs will help you relax a little and stay focused.

If you are in a slump and feeling exhausted, adaptogenic herbs can help bring you back to a healthy energy level once more.

Many studies have been conducted to test the effectiveness of Rhodiola, especially on athletes.

One excellent study published in the US national library of medicine can be found below.

Click here to read the study

Have fun and stay tuned for the next post where we will cover the "P" in "IRP" - Pantothenic Acid otherwise known as Vitamin B5.

With love and energy

The Upside Nutrition Team

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